Regal Pet Centric Mediation

Regal Pet Custody & Care Mediation 
For Parting Couples Sharing Pets
Nationally Acclaimed
38 Yrs. Mediation Experience  

                               Charles Regal, MSW, M.Div 
 Pet Custody and Care Mediator 
                                    38 Yrs. Mediation Experience

A Positive Alternative to the Legal System

Peaceful, Inexpensive, Fast, Humanistic

Serving Nationwide 

In the Privacy and Comfort of Your Own Home 

Via Phone/Video Conferencing

          Recognized by Newsweek magazine, National Public Radio, 

San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, Minneapolis StarTribune, 

        Dog Fancy Magazine, FOX News Online Magazine, EAR Radio and more.

                               Named ACool Dog Person"                               by Dog Fancy magazine Click Here

Thinking of going to court? Here's what you can expect:

You will spend  a lot of money, go through a lot of stress, and surrender your decision making  to an authority who could decide against you. Many who have "won" a court battle report that the experience drained them emotionally and financially, and that they wouldn't do it again.  

Courts  treat pets as property. I regard them as equal parties. 

The legal system really does not care about your feelings; 

much less your pet's. I do.

I facilitate a non-adversarial problem solving process designed to produce

 "win-win" solutions that address the needs of everyone-- especially the pet(s).


             $500 per hour. Immediately drops down to $250 when both parties start working collaboratively on creating a mutually acceptable specific plan                              to share in their animal's life. 

(Recommended parties split cost) 

Sliding Scale  Available.  

 Animal Cruelty or Domestic Violence? Please Click Here

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